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Cake Faults And Remedies 1

Cake Faults And Remedies

Many a time cakes don’t turn out the way they should. There can be many underlying causes for the same. To make things simpler for you when you bake, I am listing the first half of the two-part series where I will put up an easy-to-comprehend chart with cake faults, causes and the remedy for each of those. This is just a guideline which will help you to troubleshoot. The recipe, the oven temperature and many such factors which can affect the cake baking are listed here. Hope you can use this chart as a reference and fix the problem you are facing in cake-making.

Layers Uneven /Uneven Cake
  • Batter spread unevenly
  • Oven trays out of balance
  • Cake tins warped
  • Spread batter evenly
  • Adjust oven trays
  • Do not use damaged tins
Cake peaks in the centre
  • Insufficient shortening
  • Batter too stiff
  • Too much oven top heat
  • Balance recipe
  • Increase moisture or decrease flour content
  • Adjust oven top heat
Cakes sag in the centre
Poor symmetry
  • Excessive sugar in the cake
  • Insufficient structure building materials
  • Too much leavening
  • Cold oven
  • Cakes underbaked
  • Balance recipe
  • Increase egg content and/or flour content
  • Adjust the leavening
  • Correct oven temperature
  • Bake thoroughly
Undersized Cakes
  • Unbalanced cake recipe
  • Oven too hot
  • Oven too cold
  • Improper mixing
  • Cake tins too large for the batter size
  • Adjust cake recipe
  • Check oven temperature
  • Check oven temperature
  • Mix properly
  • Use a proper amount of batter
Dark Crust Colour
  • Oven too hot
  • Too much top heat in the oven
  • Too much sugar, too much milk solids
  • Use correct baking temperature
  • Adjust top heat in the oven
  • Check cake recipe
Light Crust Colour
  • Oven too cold
  • Unbalanced recipe
  • Raise oven temperature
  • Balance recipe

Perfect cakes aren’t difficult when you are armed with the preemptive knowledge of cake faults and their remedies!

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