Corporate Workshop – Anaa's Baking Studio
Corporate Workshop

The biggest of problems can be solved by good team work. A hint of baking entwined with this ideology revolutionizes its meaning on edible standards! We bring to you a true Masterchef experience, right here at Ana’s. Yes, it is every bit as good as it sounds!

Simple team building lessons can be learned though baking. Baking requires precision of measurement and time. The recipe needs to be followed precisely along with the mixing and baking temperature and duration. Participants need to be fast and efficient and have to multi-task. Hence coordination, participation and alertness in the process play a very important part in this team activity.

Our chef will demonstrate the goods to be baked and then the participants will be provided with their ingredients and workstations. The participants have to prepare the bakery items as shown. The chef will judge the items on different criteria.

The team which has made an excellent product using the strengths and by managing time and correct implementation of the recipe will win the challenge.

The workshop can be conducted at Anaa’s Baking Studio or in hotel conference or any outdoor venue.